Loudcruiser Pro Vehicle PA system with suction cups

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Loudcruiser Pro Vehicle PA system with suction cups

The Loudcruiser vehicle PA systems are simple, but very effective loudhailer sound system for mobile vehicles. We provide a standard kit, but there are many options an variations available on the kit depending on the use and budget.

This system comes in an easy to assemble kit form and consists of the following:

1 x Vehicle Amplifier with an integrated USB MP3 player to enable pre-recorded messages to be played back in MP3 format.

1 x CB Type microphone for announcements

1 x Power Cable to power the system from the vehicles cigarette lighter socket.

1 x Suction Cup Roofrack bar pre-drilled to mount the horn loudspeakers.

2 x Horn Loudspeakers pre wired with low frequency filter protection.

1 x Speaker cable with easy connection plug

1 x 8 Gig USB Memory Stick

1 x Installation instruction sheet

Our suction cup roofrack with safety strap allow easy & quick install on any vehicle.

The kit includes everything so the Loudcruiser system can easily be installed on just about any vehicle in minutes.

The Loudcruiser system can broadcast voice or other audio up to 500m and more in optimal conditions.

The Loudcruiser’s loudspeakers and mounting system are weatherproof, so you can use it in rainy or bad weather.